CVS Shell Extension

This Shell Extension integrates the CVS version control system into Windows Explorer. So you have version control right where you need it. There's no need to use the command prompt or to search your files in an different application.

Pushok CVS NT SCC plug-in  v.

C(oncurent)V(ersioning)S(ystem) is one of numerous control versioning systems. All variety of source control systems can be divided into 3 groups: SourceSafe, Serious commercial systems, CVS.


StepMania CVS  v.4.0

StepMania CVS is the development version of StepMania, a very enjoyable dance game. This version adds more features to control the screen, music, background and many other more that increases the options to enjoy it.

CVS Tools  v.1 1

CVS Tools Project provides utilities for users, project/build managers and system administrators. The tools use platform independent languages like bash, Perl, Python or Java. Platforms supported are Win32/Cygwin and Linux.

CVS Set-Up Assistant  v.1.0

CVS Set-Up Assistant is an assistant to help configure a CVS Server on Mac OS X.

Armiger CVS  v.beta.0.1

Armiger is CVS server (100% pure Java application) .

CVS Accesslist Patch  v.0.3

This patch allows CVS to have a user-level security for the modules.

CVS Branch Diff Viewer  v.0.7.1

This simple utility alows you to view the differences in branches of you cvs project in a graphical and easy to understand way.

CVS Chronoview  v.1.1

CVS Chronoview is a client-side tool that presents a chronological view of the history of multiple files in a CVS repository.

CVS client interface in Java  v.0.4.1

An implementation of the CVS client/server protocol in Java.

CVS Email Commit Notification  v.1.0

The enclosed Python scripts differ from most other commit notification solutions in that they coalesce all of the commit operations from a single \"cvs commit\" command into a single email.

Cvs-autoreleasedeb  v.1.0

Automatically release/upload debian packages from CVS.

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